It's normal to see people paying it forward and giving back this time of year, but I've been noticing it a lot more lately than in past years.

From Fun 107's Holiday Wish with the United Way of Greater New Bedford, where the community and listenership came through big time to help local families who are up against the wall, to Secret Santas at the Dartmouth Target, 2021 has been a beacon of hope.

Adding to the pile of SouthCoast feel good stories is one that comes out of Market Basket in New Bedford that is as pure as it is sweet.

While out grocery shopping with her family this past weekend, New Bedford local Jennifer Potter met a woman who was walking around the store with hand-knitted hats. As she approached Potter, she noticed that her son was already wearing a hat, but asked if he would like one that she personally made.

"I live locally, but my grandchildren don't live in the area," Potter said the woman told her. "I like making stuff for the kids, it fills my heart."

The woman said her goodbyes and when asked if they could pay for the work she put into knitting the hat, she simply replied, "I don't want or need anything, his (Potter's son) smile is enough."

Courtesy of Jen Potter
Courtesy of Jennifer Potter

It goes without saying that this woman is an angel among us and her selfless gifts are as heartwarming as it gets. We do not know who she is, but if anyone has any idea, please feel free to email me at so I can extend a thank you for her generosity, especially this time of year.

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