It was an emotional Thursday morning as Michael and Maddie received a surprise phone call from a well-known listener.

His name is Pablo Zayas and we spotlighted him in hopes of finding him a kidney donor. Zayas was given a short time to live and when we last heard from him, he did not sound well at all.

As I answered the phone, I recognized his voice immediately, but something was different, and not in a bad way. He was happy and vibrant and sounded like a million bucks.

"I feel great," he said confidently, and proceeded to tell us that he was simply calling in to say "thank you" to the SouthCoast for helping him find the kidney for which he had been so desperately searching.

On June 1, Zayas underwent a very successful surgery at Mass General Hospital in Boston that saved his life. Immediately, I felt my eyes filling with tears, knowing that this New Bedford man was given a second chance and it all derived from an article that made its way into the hearts of the SouthCoast.

Zayas is currently on the mend, but claims that the moment he's feeling better and the stitches have completed the healing process, that he plans on taking some sort of vacation, and it doesn't matter where, as long as its relaxing.

"I'll sit by the pool for three whole days, I don't care, I just need a vacation," Zayas said.

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For now, he is following up with post-surgery appointments to ensure that his new kidney is healing just fine and operating smoothly. His family is forever grateful and overjoyed to be able to have their father and husband back. His South End baseball team is eager to play ball with him once again soon, and Zayas is thankful for a second chance at a life he almost didn't get to live out.

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