Between a cat being scooped up by a hawk and coyotes getting dangerously close to residents, there have been a lot of weird reports concerning animals as of late.

One New Bedford resident reached out to Fun 107 with an animal report of his own that had him doing a double-take on his morning run in Buttonwood Park

David Fields was taking his daily jog through Buttonwood Park on Sunday afternoon when he spotted something strange dangling from a tree branch. As he got closer, he came face to face with a tie-dye monkey (species unknown) with its arms and legs secured around the tree branch, staring blankly at Fields with its sewn-on smile and droopy tail.

It turns out the strange sight that startled Fields was an animal made of cotton.

“I knew you would find this interesting,” Fields said. At first, his eyes didn’t know what he was seeing, but as he got closer, he realized someone must have left their toy monkey hanging.

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He got such a kick out of the odd sight that he snapped a picture and shared the experience with me, which led me to think that there must be a child in New Bedford missing their tie-dye monkey.

Maybe they were building snowmen over the weekend and hung the monkey for safekeeping, only to leave it behind? Or maybe someone was monkeying around with David and intended to give him a scare on his daily run?

Whatever the case may be, let’s see if we can reunite this happy little monkey with its rightful owner.

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