New Bedford High School just got an upgrade that gives students and staff a view they haven't seen since the school was built 50 years ago.

With my20-year high school reunion being this year, I can say I barely remember most of my high school years. One thing I will never forget is lunch in the Blue House cafeteria.

If you attended New Bedford High, then you know the lovely plexiglass windows that wouldn't allow you to see anything outside except maybe some shadows. Well, those windows were installed in the 1970s so it was time for them to be replaced.

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In case you need a little reminder as to what you got to see for all those years, here's a before picture from the New Bedford Public Schools' Facebook page.

New Bedford Public School Facebook
New Bedford Public School Facebook

Lovely view, right? Apparently, over the years it's gotten worse due to decades of UV exposure. Here I was thinking the windows were intentionally frosted to keep students from looking outside and daydreaming or checking out the weather.

Now take a look at the improvement with the new windows.

New Bedford Public Schools Facebook
New Bedford Public Schools Facebook

Now, that's what I'm talking about.

The new window installation is part of New Bedford Public Schools' "Renew, Refresh, Refine," initiative and more improvements are on the way.

Writing this post definitely took me back to those lovely pizza square lunches. Oh, and let's not forget the school used to ration ketchup and mayo we used for fry dipping. Yep, those were the days.

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