For the past 40 years, one downtown New Bedford restaurant has been serving up tasty dishes and cocktails to the SouthCoast in a building that's been around since 1877. What started off as Citizens National Bank over 140 years ago is now known as Freestones City Grill.

In early September, Freestones announced it was closing for a bit due to the fact that a staff member had contracted COVID-19.

Photo Credit: Daniel Weiner

Since that meant a 10-14 day quarantine, the restaurant decided it was the perfect opportunity to take on a couple of renovation projects the management had been looking into for some time now, improving the flooring as well as the bricks that surround the interior.

That's when the staff found something pretty neat nailed to the wall:

Courteous Freestone City Grill via Instagram

Freestones shared the wooden tiles with the following message: "During the process of restoring the bricks inside the restaurant we came across these wooden blocks hidden behind the mirrors! Do you know these people? We would love to find out who they are!"

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Anyone nicknamed "Jumpin Joe" has my complete attention in hopes to find out the story behind the name. Between him and Mike Faber, the story of these tiles and their hidden placement will remain a mystery for now.

The renovations are complete and Freestone's is now having a grand reopening celebration on Tuesday, October 12.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any idea who Joe Days or Mike Faber is, please contact me at so we can get to the back story of these wooden tiles.

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