If you've ever been stuck on the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge and complained about it, this one's for you.

As I was making my way to work one day, I was forced to stop on the old rotating bridge. I'm not sure what I said, but I'm almost certain it was a cuss word. As a matter of fact, I've been finding myself in the same situation a lot lately where I'll get to the bridge just as those "do not cross" arms are coming down.

Some call it unlucky, I just call it bad timing.

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The "woe-is-me" was getting old. I needed to find a better mindset while stuck waiting for the bridge to straighten out and the arms to lift.

That's when I realized that like most others, I was being a hypocrite.

I'd complain about boats passing through on their way to or from the busy New Bedford port, wasting my time as I sat there in an ever-increasing line of cars. Then, I'd go out to eat fish and chips or pan-seared scallops.

This is the SouthCoast, where the seafood comes fresh from the waters off the coast of New Bedford. And here I was, over and over, rolling my eyes over the bridge ensuring that seafood makes its way to my plate.

Are you catching what I'm casting out to you?

So, whether you're a seafood fanatic or simply enjoy a fat lobster roll every so often, then you -- and me -- should quit complaining about a few minutes taken out of our busy lives. I'll confess, I'm part of this problem.

If you want to continue to enjoy those spicy stuffed quohogs or tuna steaks, remember this PSA and keep a calm and open mind next time you're stuck in bridge traffic.

After all, that bridge is the gateway to New Bedford's success within America's fishing industry and deserves more respect. I said what I said.

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