A brother/sister duo in New Bedford is the latest sensation to take over TikTok, and it all happened overnight.

23-year-old Farrah Avilla decided to post a funny video of her 11-year-old brother, Kaleb, and soon after, the siblings racked up millions of views.

In less than one year, they have gained close to 2 million followers.

Meet Farrah and Kaleb, the SouthCoast siblings that are taking over the internet.

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Who are Farrah and Kaleb?

Farrah and Kaleb from New Bedford are both siblings and best friends.

Farrah Avilla
Farrah Avilla

“We hang out all the time and he’s always convincing me to take him shopping and spend money on him,” joked Farrah.

Despite the age difference, Farrah and Kaleb are thick as thieves and like to spend their time recording funny videos.

Farrah had been posting her brother on Snapchat for a while, and people loved his quirky personality and funny behavior.

“I had so many people adding me on Snapchat because of him,” said Farrah.

How Farrah and Kaleb Went Viral

“It was totally by accident, we blew up overnight,” said Farrah, who manages the sibling TikTok page.

One night back in March, she decided to post an old Snapchat video to TikTok of Kaleb freaking out over a bad haircut, and it was the best decision she ever made.

@farrahandkaleb im sure everyone can relate #fyp #hair #barber #hairgonewrong #hilarious #brother #foryou #foru #wtf ♬ original sound - Farrah and Kaleb

Two weeks later, they had one million followers. Farrah never could have guessed that one simple Snapchat memory could change the course of their lives, but as their follower count continued to grow, their future started looking brighter and brighter.

How Life Has Changed for Farrah and Kaleb Since “That” Video

As of today, the pair have 1.8 million people tuning in every day to see what kind of shenanigans Caleb is up to now.

When the pair are out in New Bedford, it’s a common occurrence to get recognized by fans.

“People see us out all the time and they just freak out,” said Farrah. “But the best part is when we get positive comments online. One person told us their husband passed away and our videos were the only thing that could make her laugh…we’re just normal people, I never imagined this for our life.”

Farrah is a Dental Assistant in Fairhaven, but with this year’s success, managing their TikTok page is becoming a full-time job as endorsements and job opportunities continue to come in for her and Kaleb.

They even have a meeting with an acting agency this week.

Could Farrah and Kaleb be the next big thing out of the SouthCoast?

Their followers certainly think so.

kalebs first time at hibachi😂

♬ original sound - Farrah and Kaleb

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