The newest Next Gen Dunkin' in the Industrial Park ensures that New Bedford Runs on Dunkin'.

It's new, it's improved and it's mighty impressive. First on the SouthCoast, the "Next Gen Dunkin'" has arrived in the Industrial Park. Located at the New England Farms gas station, directly across the street from the new RMV and Lottery office, the modern-aged Dunkin' has finally opened its doors to the public.

Fun 107 was live on the scene last Thursday at 207 Theodore Rice Blvd. The store invited families to come down with their kids for face-painting, balloon animals and lots of giveaways and prizes, including a Keurig grand prize.

As for the big changes, all iced coffees and iced teas were on tap, as if you were at a "coffee bar." Dunkin's newest coffee fusion, NITRO, is their boldest and smoothest brew yet; it doesn't even require ice, because it's as cold and delicious as it gets.

The layout of the work area is very customer-friendly, allowing patrons to visually see everything that happens behind the scenes. From the construction of a savory breakfast sandwich to the skillful pour of a hot latte or cappuccino, the customer gets a bird's-eye view of Dunkin' employees hard at work.

All in all, great staff, delicious menu options, and uplifting hot and cold brew coffee makes for the perfect recipe and building blocks of Dunkin's newest Next Gen coffee shops.