Breakfast on the go just got an upgrade, so prepare your tastebuds.

Downtown New Bedford is a melting pot of culture, art, history and, most importantly, good food. There's a beautiful mix of flavor and variety for every palate. Whether you're in the mood for sushi or Portuguese or breakfast, you're bound to find it downtown.

This one is for brunch lovers.

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I took a stroll down Purchase Street one day and popped my head into Cafe Arpeggio, a coffee shop especially popular among Bristol Community College students and faculty. It's been a minute since I ordered anything from there and I was craving a roasted hot coffee to pick me up from my midday blues.

That's when my eyes landed upon something unique. I had to try it. It's called the Liege Waffle Pop and it's a hot commodity: hot Belgian Liege waffles embedded with pearl sugar on a wooden stick. What a clever creation. I had to find the person responsible for it.

First, I discovered that the cafe recently switched to the ownership of Heidi Hawk-Sanders on June 1. Hawk-Sanders said she plans to keep the menu the same but is excited to expand the selection. The first thing Sanders did was double up on the pastry case so it's always full of natas, cannolis, cookies and the waffle pops.

"I fell into it unexpectedly. I wasn't even looking," Sanders said. "I just knew that this was the next chapter for me."

The inspiration for the waffle pops came from cafe employee Elona Kako. Her brother Alket Xhaferaj helped with the recipe.

Courtesy Dawn Sanders
Courtesy Dawn Sanders

For now, there are four flavors, but there are talks about adding to the waffle-pop menu down the road.

  • The O.G — Liege Waffle with powdered sugar ($3.99)
  • Nutella Crunch  Liege Waffle drizzled with Nutella, bananas, chopped walnuts, more Nutella AND powdered sugar ($4.99)
  • Cinnamon Toast — Liege Waffle drizzled with cinnamon & sugar, topped with cinnamon toast crunch, white choco drizzle & powdered sugar ($4.99)
  • Strawberry Babe  Liege Waffle drizzled with white chocolate, topped with graham crackers, fresh strawberries, more white chocolate and powdered sugar. ($4.99)

Kako said her favorite flavor is Nutella Crunch.

You can add any flavoring or toppings to the creations. Just make sure you grab extra napkins.

Bon appétit.

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