Carlos Sousa, 14, couldn't believe his eyes the first time he saw it parked in front of Alianca Restaurant in the South End of New Bedford. 

He was on the bus, coming home from a long day at Roosevelt Middle School, when he saw the red Lamborghini. He knew exactly what it was -- the make, the rare model, all the details, right down to the supercar's rims.

When he got home, he burst through the door and breathlessly told his mother all about it. That's when Shannon Pauline, who works at Honey Dew on Route 18, hatched a plan with Alianca's owner and the owner of the dream car, Carlos Ferreira. 

Setting Up the Big Moment

The plan was to surprise the boy with a ride in the 2020 Lamborgini Aventador SVJ.

Ferreira immediately said yes. They agreed to meet on a day when the weather would cooperate and surprise Sousa on or around his birthday, which is coming up later this month.

Ferreira said only 800 of these cars were manufactured in the entire world, and he has one. 

"I love to do these things for the kids. We did a lot of birthday party parades for kids during the pandemic," he said. 

Ferreira owns 4 Lamborghinis. 

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"My white one is one of only 500," said Ferreira. "I guess I kind of collect them."

Courtesy of Shannon Pauline
Courtesy of Shannon Pauline

'Look! It's the Lamborghini!'

Sousa's birthday surprise happened after school earlier this week. Shannon told her son to put on his red J's and red Benfica game jersey because they were going to meet somebody. Sousa and his sister were trying to guess who they'd be meeting the whole way to West Beach.

When Sousa saw the Lambo pull up on Rodney French Boulevard, he shouted to his mother, "Look!  It's the Lamborghini!" 

As his mother tells it, "Then, he totally lost it when he saw the car pull into the parking lot."

But that was only the beginning. The 14-year-old birthday boy was invited by Ferreira to take a ride around West Beach in the million-dollar car. 

Priceless Memories

There was even more. 

Ferreira gave the boy a mini replica model of the Lambo.

Courtesy of Shannon Pauline
Courtesy of Shannon Pauline

"It really meant a lot to us," said the proud mother. "I can't afford much, I'm a single mom, so for someone to do something like this for my kids means a lot. I know my son will never forget it."

Ferreira says he loved seeing the boy so happy.

"It reminded me of me when I was a kid. I hope it motivates kids to work hard and stay on the right track. It definitely motivated me as a kid to work hard. I hope it inspires some kids."

Ferreira owns eight Domino's Pizza locations: three in Taunton, two in Brockton, two in Fall River and one in Easton.

"Carlos Ferreira is a wicked nice guy," Shannon said. "He definitely made my son's dream come true."

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