Helping ELL or english language learners at New Bedford High School is the purpose of a grant from Bristol County Savings Bank.

Bank officials were at the high school on Thursday to present a $40,000 gift to the school's Pathways To Diploma program.

Bank President Pat Murray says the money will be used to address the needs of about 20 at-risk english language learners. "This program is designed to help these teenagers complete their high school diploma, earn a post-secondary certificate and find employment opportunities, hopefully here in Greater New Bedford."

Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin admits partners like Bristol County Savings are hard to come by. "There are partners who wait until the music is on and make sure the music is right before they dance with us at New Bedford Public Schools," said Durkin. " And then there are partners who just come foreward. Bristol County Savings Bank is one of those partners who comes to us and asks what can we do."

As part of the program, other partners like Bristol Community College and the Immigrants Assistance Center will be providing students with post-secondary courses, job coaching and resume building hopefully leading to employment.