Amazing things happen in nature everyday and sometimes we are lucky enough to see or capture those breathtaking moments of beauty. If you need a moment of zen today, this video is it.

This past weekend the skies over Sweden were ablaze with one of the most jaw-dropping northern light shows seen this year.

Known as an aurora borealis, these natural light displays are caused when charged particles emitted by the sun during solar flare activity collide with the Earth's gases as they enter the atmosphere. With so much oxygen above the Earth, these auroras are typically green, but with collisions further up into the atmosphere you can sometimes see a rare red or even blue aurora as well.

But enough with the nerdy science talk, let's show you the light show!

Filmed in Sweden’s Abisko National Park by videographer Chad Blakely, whose company Lights Over Lapland offers people aurora borealis photo expeditions this 2-min video is the perfect thing to break up your busy day.


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