I don't care how creative you think you are, you have never dreamed of creating a visit-with-Santa experience like the one at Natick Mall.

I understand that nearly every mall in America convinces Santa to visit with local boys and girls. His ability to seemingly be in more than one place at a time is all part of the magic of Santa, and way beyond what my brain can understand.

I've been a Santa fan for nearly 50 years, and I've even had him on my radio show a couple of times. In fact, I have his personal number stored in my phone!

However, I've never seen anything like what they've got going on up at Natick Mall.

From what I understand, the mall is serving as a Beta site to test out a way to save Santa some much-needed time during his busiest time of year. Instead of asking Santa to visit each and every mall all over the country, it seems that Santa has figured out a way to somehow bring the boys and girls (with their parents) up to the North Pole.

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Through the magic of Santa, the mall has installed a brand-new elevator that lifts families beyond the skies overlooking Natick. Guests keep rising above the clouds until they see the unmistakable site of Santa's house at the North Pole.

The only thing I can't figure out is how the line to see Santa doesn't back up to from Natick to New Bedford.

Regardlesss, it must be seen to be believed, so take three minutes and watch the video above, then plan your own visit.

Prepare to be amazed. And Merry Christmas!

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