The roads last night were a little bit more treacherous than we anticipated but one young man in Dartmouth did what he could to make sure people got home safely. 

If you happened to be out driving around last night, you know that the snow not only was accumulating pretty quickly on the roadways but also that heavy, wet, hard-to-drive-in snow that makes getting anywhere tricky. Just on our rides home from Ella's in Wareham, Michael saw four or five cars off the road, I saw multiple cars in the woods and accidents, and people just generally spinning out and getting stuck.

One Dartmouth resident took to Facebook to thank a young man who stopped to tow her up Hathaway Road, refused payment, and then went off to help others who were stuck in their cars.

Kasey Silvia
TSM | Kasey Silvia

We hear so many people complaining about how other people drive in the snow and get irritated at people who take it extra slow in the bad weather, so it's always nice to spotlight the people that go out of their way to help when someone obviously needs it.

I know I saw several people pulled over to assist cars off the road on my way home last night so a big shoutout and 'thank you' to the people that stopped in the snow and cold to assist someone else. The world needs more people like you.


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