Remember when finding out how much money you had in the bank (or didn't have) consisted of opening a passbook to see the latest entry? or when finding out what kind of health insurance coverage you had meant pulling out the welcome packet you received when you first enrolled? I'm not saying that the internet hasn't made access to information easier and brought expediency to every aspect of life. It most certainly has. But...if I have to remember one more username and password, my head will explode. What's even worse is if you have to change them every 45 days for user protection against fraud and identity theft. I am officially an old senile  woman who has to write all of this information down, which negates the whole point of having a confidential log in and password system in the first place. If anyone finds that sheet of life is over!

So let's review a day in the life of a modern American gal.

  1. Wake up, check my phone and have to punch in the four digit code to see the messages.
  2. Get to work, user name and password (that must be changed every 45 days) are required to log in to computer.
  3. Open Outlook to check e-mails, password required for exchange of e-mails to filter through
  4. Check bank accounts from work. (Don't judge me) Two seperate usernames and passwords required for log in to each
  5. Check Facebook, username and password (case sensitive)
  6. Loginto Twitter, enter user name and password
  7. Upload any work onto production site. Username and password required.
  8. Company employee human resource site to check pay stubs, request time off, review employee notices.....You got it, a Username and Password are required.
  9. Oversee any mobilemarketing for Fun 107, UN & P-Dub necessitated
  10. Upload this article, see above.