This is my cat Gracie, she's so very cute, but she's a little terror.

Gracie is our newest kitty, we got her about a year after we got the others. She was a kitten that I fostered, along with five of her brothers and sisters. She was so lovable and sweet, that I became attached and had to adopt her.

Almost immediately after I adopted her, she turned into a monster. Even when she was a teeny tiny kitten, she would beat up the other cats in the house. I think that's her way of playing, but my other cats are very mellow and are not as rough when it comes to playing. She was a tough little kitten! She'd run up and whack the others and grab their tails, she wasn't messing around.

At first, the other cats were completely turned off by the 'new girl' and wanted nothing to do with her. Now, they are all friends and she's toned down just a bit, and the other cats have figured out how to defend themselves better.

Well, about six months ago, I was woken up on a Saturday morning to my hair being pulled and claws digging into my head! I woke up screaming, and turned to see that it was Gracie! She was trying to eat my hair. I thought it was the weirdest thing, and none of my other cats have ever done that to me before.

Then some time went by, and she did it again! She probably does this about once a month, where she climbs on top of the headboard and then reached down to my hair, attempts to eat it and then sets her claws in my head to get a good grip I guess. She doesn't do this to my husband, and my guess is because he has very short hair.

Well, today she did it again. Grabbed on, pulled my hair and dug those claws into my head. I decided to google it to find out why. Turns out, it's a form of affection. She does an awful lot of grooming with my other cats, and I think that's her way of 'grooming' me. Grooming is very important to cats. She's trying to groom me to tell me that she loves me, and mark her territory that I am her's I guess. It seems like an awful weird way to show her love, but as long as that's all it is, I guess I will just deal with it. I am very glad the rest of my cats show love in different ways, ones that are a lot less painful!