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2020 has been stressful. If ever there was a time that I just want to drop everything and look at cute photos of baby animals, it's every single day of this year. Luckily, there are two new cuties at Buttonwood Park Zoo.

According to a recent press release, BPZ welcomed a second set of Bearded Emperor Tamarin Twins back in October. The new babies join the family group one year after the birth of the pair’s first set of twins.

"Four-year-old Pepper, BPZOO’s female bearded emperor tamarin, gave birth to her second set of twins on October 13. These babies came one year, almost to the day, of their older siblings Brie and Gouda, who were born at BPZOO on October 20, 2019."

The Zoo’s Rainforests, Rivers and Reefs exhibit, where the tamarins reside, remains closed to the public due to ongoing public health restrictions, but the family can be seen on a warm day in one of the outdoor habitats.

“With the opening of the Zoo’s Rainforest, Rivers & Reefs exhibit in 2017, the Zoo has been very successful in creating in stimulating, natural environments for its many species of small South American primates and this has resulted in several important births“, said Keith Lovett, BPZOO Director and Chair of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) New World Primate Taxonomic Advisory Group (NWPTAG). “All of the primates at the Zoo are managed as part of AZA Species Survival Plans including the bearded emperor tamarins and these births will help improve the genetic diversity of this population of primates that continues to decline in the wild.”

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