There may not have been a jackpot winner in Wednesday's Powerball drawing, but someone local did win one million dollars.

The Massachusetts Lottery says a one million dollar winning Powerball ticket was sold in Wareham, MA and three different $50,000 winning tickets were sold throughout the state as well.

No word yet on who the local winner was, but lottery officials do say the ticket was purchased at the Stop & Shop on Cranberry Highway in East Wareham.

So if that's where you typically buy your lottery tickets, you may want to take a closer look today.

Other winning tickets worth $50,000 were sold in Bellingham, Tewksbury and Lee, MA, but the big million dollar winner made out with the most cash after Wednesday's drawing.

The jackpot for the Powerball jackpot on Saturday night remains quite high at an estimated $430 million.

And Friday's Mega Millions jackpot is more than double that at an estimated $970 million dollars.

There's an awful lot you could buy with that, so maybe take a chance on a ticket or two this weekend while Massachusetts' luck seems high.

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