Middleboro Police continue to search for the suspects in the March 26 vandalism to Middleboro High School that included “hateful language and imagery,” including a threat against the school’s principal, and have now released video surveillance footage in hopes that the public can help identify them.

Police Chief Joseph Perkins released the footage Wednesday of two individuals observed in a location near Middleboro High School on that date. The video shows the two individuals walking in the direction of the high school before the suspected time of the vandalism, and walking away from the school after the suspected time.

“Community members should note that the time depicted on the screen is off by one hour as the video was taken at 9:40 p.m on March 26 and that the video was taken with a night vision camera so the colors of the clothing may not be as they appear,” Chief Perkins said in a release.

Police were dispatched to Middleboro High School, located at 71 East Grove Street, at around 7:40 a.m. on March 26 for a report of vandalism on an outside wall. Officers observed “spray-painted tags on the side of the building" that featured "hateful language and imagery, including a swastika.”

Principal Paul Branagan stated in an email to the school community that the graffiti included "a direct threat against me spray painted on the outside of the high school."

Courtesy Middleboro Police
Courtesy Middleboro Police
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The vandalism was covered up on the same day it was discovered and removed the following day.

Police say that the two individuals in the surveillance footage could be the suspects, but could also be witnesses to the vandalism.

Courtesy Middleboro Police
Courtesy Middleboro Police

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Middleboro Police at (508) 947-1212.

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