Don't make the same mistake I made and wait to give the Sump Pump Geeks a call AFTER you've got a basement full of water.

I'll be honest, when we first bought our home 10 years ago, I never really gave much thought to my basement flooding. The previous owners had a sump pump set up in a pit, and it seemed to work fine. I heard it pump every now and then but didn't really pay too much attention to it.

Then March 3, 2018, happened. The SouthCoast was getting pounded by a major two-day rainstorm. My backyard was pooling up, and we lost power as we headed to bed. That night, by the grace of God, something told my wife to check the cellar. It was about two in the morning, and my wife says she couldn't sleep because the house was "too quiet." That's when she realized that the sump pump wasn't running because the power was out.

She darted down into the basement and was greeted by 18 inches of water, toys eerily floating by in the dark as we shined our puny iPhone flashlights down the stairs.

We panicked. I had bought a battery backup from Home Depot, and our stress levels were through the roof as we tried to piece it together in the dark basement and the water seemed to rise higher by the minute. We finally got the backup sump pump going, but it just didn't have the juice to do the job. The flooding was more than it could handle. It was losing the battle.

As the water was rising steadily, I began to worry about our heating system and our electrical panel. I shuddered to think how much these would cost to replace, and whether or not my homeowners' insurance would cover it. These are not the greatest thoughts to be having in the middle of an emergency. At that moment, there was literally no price that I wouldn't have paid to have that flooding problem disappear.

We called the fire department, who came out to our house and helped get us back to a more manageable level. The next day, we went out and bought a generator and were able to get our primary sump pump going again, but I knew that day that I could NEVER feel that level of stress again.

Someone told us about the Sump Pump Geeks out of Westport, and they came out to my house to assess what we needed.

They installed a dual pump system: a primary pump that maintains the water level and keeps the cellar dry, and a backup system that kicks on when needed. They also installed an automatic battery backup, and a backup battery to make sure if we ever lost power again, we wouldn't lose our sump pumps before we could get our generator going.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

Knock on wood, our cellar has been dry as a bone since the Sump Pump Geeks install. Last fall, we heard that Sump Pump Geeks had developed another layer of protection called the Pump Geek. It's an advanced controller that can override the system if the float system fails and turn on your pumps to avoid flooding. It runs a weekly test, too, to make sure the pumps are operating correctly and the battery is charged.

make sure the pumps can run for 15 seconds and the battery is charged.

It also has constant communication with the Sump Pump Geeks headquarters in Westport. If my sump pumps have any kind of a failure, they'll know immediately, a text message will appear on my phone and an email will appear in my inbox.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

Now when heavy rains start when I'm not home, I don't have to be paranoid about what is happening in my basement. I know that the Sump Pump Geeks have it all under control. For us, you couldn't put a price on that kind of peace of mind.

If you need to get in touch with the Sump Pump Geeks, visit their website or call (844) 433-5225.

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