In case you missed the answers to this week's morning trivia, here is the list!

Every morning at 7:05, we announce a daily trivia question for $50 gift cards to some of the most popular restaurants on the Southcoast.  For many of our listeners, though...the daily trivia question goes well beyond winning a prize.

It's a daily family activity for many parents and kids heading to school, it's a way for people to exercise their brains on the way in for a long day at work.

Monday: A new study shows that doing this will make you happier during the workday. Answer: Going out for lunch.

Tuesday: 15% of people have put off a breakup because of this. Answer: A planned vacation.

Wednesday: 20% of married people say this is what annoys them the most about their spouse. Answer: They are control freaks.

Thursday: Hard to believe, but according to the Department of Education, this has been cut by more than 1/3. Answer: Bullying

Friday: 30% of people have cried after having this happen to them. Answer: A performance review.

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