An adorable English black Lab has joined the Massachusetts State Police as their first-ever comfort dog.

The Mass State Police took to Facebook last week to introduce people to Luna, a four-month-old lab bred for comfort dog work.

It made me wonder what "comfort dog work" was, which they also explained.

Luna will be used to reduce stress and promote wellness and healing for first responders and their families after a traumatic incident. Many scenes can be quite emotional for first responders I am sure and having Luna to lean on is just one new way for them to get help.

Eventually Luna will also be used to comfort civilians victims and survivors as well.

The MSP describe Luna as a "gentle, docile and playful dog" who brings comfort with her presence and can bring smiles to any room she enters.

And from the photos they shared I could easily agree. This dog is so darn cute.

Luna yawning
Massachusetts State Police Facebook page

And though hopefully you'll never have to meet her under working circumstances, she has already been on scene of an officer involved shooting outside a nightclub and helped comfort that officer.

And while she is out there comforting those that need it she is also working to earn her therapy certificate through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Read more about Luna here...

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