Can you imagine waking up this morning, no idea what the day would bring, only to find out that you had won $30,000 in a radio contest?

It's hard to wrap your head around it, but that is exactly what happened to Madison this morning.  She was minding her own business, working as a speech therapist at a number of K-5 schools.  Madison is a new mom and a relatively new homeowner.

They have been working hard to renovate their new home.  Not only has there been an enormous financial investment into buying things for home improvements at places like Home Depot and Lowe's, but there has also been a huge investment of time.  They have been doing all of the home improvements on their own.

One year into their home ownership, they recently "paused renovations" because they had become so expensive.

Personally speaking, I know that a good, old fashioned "do it yourself" project can go one of two ways.  The first is you do it correctly yourself.  The second, with which I am intimately familiar, is that you screw it up, forcing yourself to have to buy supplies (again) so that you can hire a professional to do the job correctly.

Madison says she is so excited at the idea of finally finishing some of her home projects. She named some of the home improvement projects she intends on tackling (and actually finishing) with the 30 Grand in her hand! "We have a basement we need to finish, and a fence we need to finish, and we are planning on paying off some debt," said Madison.

So what is it like actually winning $30 Grand in Your Hand? Listen to Madison's instant reaction.

An important thank you to Iz Schwartz Appliance in Somerset and New England Aesthetics and Med Spa in Bridgewater. Without these sponsors we simply would be able to do incredible contests like 30 Grand in Your Hand.

Congratulations, Madison! Enjoy your free money!

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