Sometimes I still think it’s March, and then I’m reminded by commercials and decorations that it’s time to start shopping for the holidays.

This year, shopping is a bit more difficult. I want to shop local to support small businesses during a difficult year, but I’m trying to stay out of social areas as much as possible in support of the new rules. I think I found a good solution and I’m going to let you in on it. All you’ll need is a credit card and WiFi.

The Mattapoisett PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is run by all volunteers and supports the teachers, staff, and students of Center and Old Hammondtown Schools. In order to support their people, they had to get creative with raising funds during the holidays.

Instead of hosting a fundraiser in person and be at the mercy of the COVID-19 guidelines, the Mattapoisett PTA launched an online holiday auction fundraiser where SouthCoast residents can win prizes “that have been all donated by local businesses in [the] community.” It’s an easy way to support the community, stay safe, and budget your holiday fund in a smart way.

The online page states that the funds raised will “provide improved access to science, math, and arts programs for students, help teachers buy necessary supplies for their virtual or in-person classrooms, and give general support to our schools.”

And these gifts up for auction are some incredible deals. There are restaurant gift cards, spa treatments, works of art, and perfect stocking stuffers awaiting your bids.

The PTA’s goal is to raise $1,600 by November 20. As of today, they have reached $1,423. I have no doubt they will reach their goal after I sift through these deals. Knowing my money will go straight back into the community makes shopping for the holidays that much more enjoyable.

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