It's a move town officials and police believe could curb teenage drinking, so is decriminalization the answer?

The town of Duxbury, Massachusetts is looking to fight teenage drinking by decriminalizing the offense.

According to NBC10 the measure, proposed by the town's police and supported by town selectmen, would mean that teens caught drinking would no longer be arrested and appear in court. Instead they would have to pay fines anywhere from $150 to $300 if they are busted for drinking under age.

I imagine the thought is that knowing how much this illegal act could cost you might make you think twice about doing it. And the town does have hopes this measure will lower the number of teenage drinkers and drug users.

Do you think this plan could work? Or are fines for underage drinking just not enough?

Folks in Duxbury will get to decide for their town when the measure is considered this Saturday.

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