Where would we be without the help of our beloved teachers? We admire them for their dedication to educating and guiding the younger generations.

Educators have overcome many hardships, whether it be working through the Covid-19 pandemic or enforcing the Student Succeeds Act in their classrooms. Teachers ensure that all their students are guaranteed an equal education opportunity. While everyone across the United States respects their dedication to helping others, many of these teachers are overworked and underpaid.

On Sept. 19, Wallethub released a survey that calculated the best and worst states for teachers in 2022, and unsurprisingly, Massachusetts ranked very high out of 51 (including the District of Columbia) states.

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Coming in at No. 8 is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, scoring 18 out of 51 for "Opportunity and Creativity" and an impressive 4 out of 51 for "Academic and Work Environment." The Commonwealth received a total ranking score of 53.21 with New York getting the highest at 59.33.

Although teachers overcome the challenges, “education jobs are among the lowest-paying occupations” and “the money being earned does not keep up with the inflation” the ranking states.

To help these teachers, Wallethub says it has done thorough research on the best states in which to become a teacher. Researchers have looked across the United States to help teachers find the best opportunities and environments suited for them.

So if you have a career within the teaching field and also reside in Massachusetts, then consider this to help boost your confidence.

Bryanna Deandrade contributed to this post. 

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