'Tis the season for holiday celebrations and family gatherings. Most likely, there will be some adult beverages served, including the festive Cape Codder. I recently had a friend ask me to make them a Cape Codder.

Maybe it's just because I moved away from the SouthCoast for so long but I had no idea that the Cape Codder was so popular. Even working for an airline and serving mixed drinks, I had never had anyone ever ask for it by name.

So, in case you are like me and oblivious as to what a Cape Codder is, it's simply a vodka cranberry.

It's a pretty popular beverage across the country but I don't think most people are asking for this mixed beverage by its proper name.

I even find myself asking for a vodka-cran and not necessarily a Cape Codder.
So how did this beverage end up the 24th most popular mixed drink?

Well, we can't take it too seriously. The survey used only one thousand drinkers which is a very small sample of adult beverage consumers. You can see the full list here.

The survey did get me curious as to what made it to the top of the list: the South Carolina Sweet Tea and Vodka. Notice how their drink is simply called the ingredients that make it up? I have yet to taste the South Carolina beverage, but I have tried the drink that landed the No. 2 spot, the Washington Apple.

This survey only got me thinking, how many of us actually call it the Cape Codder when we order it at the bar?

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