Living on a golf course has its pros and cons but as one Massachusetts family recently found out, the cons can be life-changing.

If you happen to live on one of the golf courses here on the SouthCoast, you may be familiar with this family's plight.

Should having your house or even your body get hit with a wild golf ball be expected?

This Kingston family, the Tenczars, won a lawsuit worth just under $5 million after more than 600 golf balls hit their property in four years. The story made national news this week. The number of balls seems excessive, but it got me thinking.

We have a few golf courses here on the SouthCoast. Take the Bay Club in Mattapoisett, for example, which has a bunch of houses surrounding it. Do those houses have special protection to cover them if a golf ball hits and damages them?

"Our homeowners' insurance covers it," said Jill Fearons, whose house is by the course. If you buy a home on a golf course, you should expect having your property hit be "par for the course," Fearons said.

To be fair, the amount of times this house in the lawsuit got hit seemed excessive, and it appears the house was possibly in the line of fire, but I guess that'll make most of us think twice about buying golf course-side property, no matter how pretty it is.

I'll admit, owning a home on a golf course and getting your house hit by golf balls is a problem for the very few who are fortunate enough to be able to afford such a situation.

Most of us will be lucky enough to get a round or two of golf in this summer, which might be made easier with the 2022 SouthCoast VIP Golf Card. Hopefully, your game is decent enough to not land one of your balls in a neighboring house.

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