Have you ever wondered where the best pizza is? Surely, everyone has their preferences, but when it comes to the experts' opinions, who's got the tastiest slice?

Food & Wine did the hard work for us, taste-testing all over the United States, searching not only for the states with the best pizza, but also for the best joints within each state.

First things first, it should come as no surprise that Massachusetts got some major props from Food & Wine, landing at in 8th place for the state with the best pizza. The Northeast as a whole really represented as well, with New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania all listed in the top seven.

But if you're looking to grab a slice of the best pizza in Massachusetts, where can you head? According to Food & Wine, one of the best spots is just an hour east of the SouthCoast, in Harwich Port on the Cape.

"A Greek pie is a crust-forward affair, thick but when done correctly, never a stodgefest; the tomato sauce will be insignificant, and the cheese will be a blend of mozzarella, typically cut liberally with cheddar," Food & Wine wrote. "You will find this style in every corner of the state, from The Berkshires to The Cape, where it's George's Pizza House in Harwich Port you want."

George's Pizza House has been owned and operated by the same family for over 51 years. They're located at 564 Route 28 / Main Street in Harwich Port and you can check out their full award-winning menu on their website.

Food & Wine also tipped its hat to a number of Boston-area restaurants in its rundown of the best pizza spots in Massachusetts.

Where's your favorite place to grab a slice on the SouthCoast? Let us know the local spots that Food & Wine missed by messaging us inside the station app.

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