Summer is almost here and if you plan on traveling to Martha's Vineyard, you'll want to beware of this rental scam.

Oak Bluffs police took to Facebook this week to warn would-be vacationers of a rental scam that is popping up online.

They say fake rental ads on Craigslist are using info from legitimate sites like and changing the contact information to trick people into thinking they're renting a nice house on the Vineyard, but really they're just being scammed out of money.

They urge renters to double and triple check on the property they are trying to rent, so they don't become the victim of this scam.

Of course staying at hotels and inns (like the Nobnocket Boutique Inn) are ways of avoiding this scam as well. And right now you could win an overnight stay on the Vineyard with the Rock and Fox Show!

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