What can I say, I love some good, friendly competition and that's just what we had today at Marguerite's in Westport.

Spring Restaurant Week went off with a bang early this morning at the local Westport staple, Marguerite's Restaurant.

As always, whenever the morning crew is out and about broadcasting, I just can't resist having a little fun on site. I came up with a little game with Michael and Christine that I rightfully titled "Marguerite's Coffee Cup Challenge."

We were tasked with holding two hot cups of coffee (it was actually hot water- the coffee was too good to waste) and had to race from one line to another.

However, I figured I would raise the stakes a little and add a bit of a challenge on top of the challenge that I sprung on Michael and Christine at the very last moment. You know, to make things a little more interesting.

Instead of just carrying the cups with an easy handle grip, the two over-poured mugs had to be held on a tray.

But wait, there's more.

Along the way, we also had to pick up a couple of bean bags that acted as props to represent fallen silverware as if this was a real-life restaurant situation.

I won't bore you anymore with the minor details. Check out the video above to see who took home the gold with the least amount of water spilled.

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