Has the recent run on guns made it difficult for robbers to be properly outfitted for bank heists?

Fickr/velo steve
Fickr/velo steve

Now a 61-year-old man is facing a federal felony charge in connection with a hammerpoint stickup Wednesday of an Anchorage, Alaska bank, according the the FBI

Investigators say that he walked into a KeyBank branch and removed a hammer from a small backpack. When Rice placed the tool on the counter at a teller’s window, a KeyBank employee asked “what he was going to do with the hammer.”

After motioning that he would strike teller Houa Vue with the hammer, Rice announced, "I need your money. Give me your 100s and 50s. I’m gonna hit you with this hammer. Hurry up!” Vue handed Rice $1039 and he exited the bank at 2:40 PM. He was arrested a short time later down the street and around the corner. Cmon guy!! gotta have a escape plan.

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