wbsm/ taylor cormier
New Bedford Police and Paramedics rushed to the South End of New Bedford to save a man after receiving a 911 call reporting that a man walking along the hurricane barrier in the South End fell off near the water and was injured.

This happened about 4:30 p.m on East Rodney French Boulevard according to Police. This is around the area of the Barrier where the city is currently working on a bicycle path project on top the hurricane barrier. Police said the did not know whether the man was working on the project or walking on it to the barrier.

The city hopes to put a bike path on top of the entire barrier, including the part of the barrier by Clark's Cove and the stretch of barrier that actually goes into the harbor.

The mans name has not been released, However his injuries were serious enough for Paramedics to rush the man to Rhode Island Hospital Trauma center.

People who live in the area have been concerned for sometime about the lack of safety features on the barrier to prevent such an accident .