Sometimes Valentine's Day is great, sometimes it's lonely, and sometimes people think it's a lame commercialized holiday.

Well, no matter what your feelings on Valentine's Day may be, a woman in NYC is here to make it better for you!   Her name is Erika Anderson and she is handing out a 1,000 valentine's to everyone she sees in the city on her way to work on Valentine's Day!

She did this last year because she said she knows Valentine's Day "can be such a terrible day, whether you're single or with someone."  She said she handed out Valentine's to anyone who didn't "run away" from her and that most people gave her a positive reaction, saying that she made their day!

This year, she's upping the ante, by inviting 50 people to her house to make 1,000 homemade Valentine's Day cards to hand out to people!  She even has her friend on the West Coast doing the same fun project!

She's just hoping to make people smile on a day that can sometimes be viewed in a negative/sad/bitter way!  I think her little valentine project is pretty cool!

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