Between closing out Game of Thrones in the most epic of ways and then putting a lot of her energies in her app, Daisie, Maisie Williams has had a pretty good 2019. But as she looks onto the new decade, Williams has a message for the rest of us.

"For anyone who needs to hear this: it starts with you and the changes you’re willing to make. it’s out there for you to take. so don’t just seize the day, seize your life," she wrote on an Instagram post featuring her, her boyfriend Reuben Selby and all their "pot plant children."

Aside from pointing out that the couple would be taking care of their family of plants in the new year, she also showed her man some love and wrote, "i fell in love with a boy..."

And she also made sure to point that love to herself, too. "I started saying 'no'," she wrote. "I stopped worrying about the past, i stopped wishing for the future, and i started loving life for what it is today - because “today is a gift, that is why they call it ‘the present’”. i made time to do more of the things that bring me joy. 2020 will probably be filled with more days spent tending our pot plant children which sounds perfect to me."

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