A 29-year-old Cape Cod woman has made her dream come true.

After years of education and honing her craft, Lynne DiPirro has opened her very own physical therapy office in Mattapoisett, and she is helping to change the game for women’s health on the SouthCoast.

Ladies, this may be embarrassing to talk about, but DiPirro's specialty deals with a very common problem.

It’s time to prioritize pelvic health.

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Who Is Lynne DiPirro?

While earning her doctorate at the University of Rhode Island, Lynne DiPirro quickly discovered her passion belonged to rehabilitation and overall wellness.

“I have always loved the idea of helping people get back to where they want to be and getting people back to their best selves,” she said. “I’m a people person, and I love the PT side of rehab because you build such an awesome relationship with people.”

DiPirro envisioned a one-stop shop for all things wellness, and through a collaborative effort at the Mattapoisett Wellness Center on County Road, that vision has become a reality.

“I’m not just a PT clinic where you walk in and see boatloads of people,” she said. “I’m in a wellness center. It’s extremely holistic. We have mental health services, occupational therapy, massage, reiki. ... You just walk in and immediately feel better.”

DiPirro aims to provide a calming and welcoming environment for patients to talk about the tough stuff.

Getting Real About Pelvic Health

For years, post-partum women have been left with some embarrassing side effects. It can get uncomfortable to talk about bladder control issues, but DiPirro aims to normalize the conversation and prove that these post-partum effects, as well as other pelvic issues, don’t have to be something to just “deal with." There is a solution.

"The greatest part of my job is teaching women about their bodies with information that, unfortunately, no other provider seems to have the time to share," DiPirro said. "I get to watch them become empowered by this information every day. Many women go about life thinking there aren’t real answers, but there are."

Pelvic health is the focus of several practices in the region, including via Southcoast Health in Dartmouth and Oshun Physical Therapy and Pelvic Health in New Bedford, overseen by Dr. Justina Perry. DiPirro is the latest person to help flip the script on what we think of physical therapy, and she's excited to better the lives of SouthCoast residents in her own way.

“This isn’t a run-of-the-mill PT clinic,” she said. “I get the opportunity to get the full hour with my clients and truly get to know them in every way. I want my clients to feel comfortable, seen, and heard.”

With in-person and hybrid options available, Mattapoisett Wellness Center is the new solution for physical health.

And ladies, this is your reminder to take time for yourself and to remember that you’re not alone.

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