Janine Martignetti, frequent visitor to a Falmouth beach, found a charm necklace that clearly has important meaning to someone. Now, she wants to find the owner.

Some of us carry things that remind us of someone special we lost.

It's heartbreaking to lose anything, but especially something that carries sentimental value. That's exactly what happened at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth.

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The charm necklace is engraved on both sides, one of which reads:

"Your wings were ready, but my heart was not."

The other side reads:

"Meme - 1944-2021."

Janine Bearse Martignetti
Janine Bearse Martignetti

Being pretty close to my grandmother, I can say that losing something like this must be heartbreaking for the owner.

Martignetti recently took to social media and posted pictures in the hope of connecting with the rightful owner.

"I found it on top of the sand which makes me believe that maybe they were there for sunset the night before on August 12," Martignetti said. 

The beach-goer really wants this to get back into the right hands.

We're not disclosing the exact location where it was found as lost it will know and be able to confirm this obviously meaningful piece of jewelry is theirs. Anyone with information can contact Martignetti directly on Facebook. 

Hopefully getting the word out will help Martignetti return this piece to someone out there who misses their "Meme."

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