Massachusetts resident Candace Dalton was in Paris on Friday during the terrorist attacks that left 127 dead, plus the eight attackers, and 200 reported injured.

"We were around that area the night before. Scary," she said in a Facebook exchange with WBSM's Tim Weisberg.

When the coordinated attacks went down at a stadium, concert venue, restaurants and other locations, Dalton obeyed requests to remain sheltered.

"We were told to stay in our hotel because of the state of emergency, and there were gunmen on the loose," she said. "All I could hear all night were police sirens."

Dalton was scheduled to fly back to Massachusetts on Saturday, but her flight was delayed as extra security measures were taken and the military was deployed. She sent photos of the long security lines that wrapped around the second floor of the airport, stating that she waited more than three hours to be able to board her flight.

"When we arrived to the airport, an hour later someone left an unattended purple bag, which caused insane fear and upset--but everyone remained calm," she said. "The military is combing through the airport with huge guns."

Islamic terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for Friday's attacks, and French President Francois Hollande  called it "an act of war."

Photo courtesy of Candace Dalton/Members of the French military oversee travelers looking to depart from a Paris airport on Saturday afternoon, following Friday's terrorist attacks by ISIS.