Being in New Bedford means a heavy influence of Portuguese culture. One part of the culture that those of who didn't grow up with Portuguese relatives love is the food. You would have to travel far to find someone who wasn't a fan of some type of sausage. The Portuguese were kind enough to share some of their great recipes with us Americans. Two of the things that we love are the linguica and chourico. Two types of sausage, and we can't enough.

So what's the difference? If you aren't from the area it could get confusing, so we'll help you out.


It's a pork sausage, with a mild spice to it. Many say that it has a similar taste to pepperoni. So that means if you see it as a pizza topping, you'll love it. You'll find it in various Portuguese dishes, such as Feijoada and Francesinha.


If you enjoy spice, then you'll like linguica's cousin. You'll probably be wondering why it looks so red. That's because it's made with dried smoked peppers. It has some great flavor, but once again, it has some bite to it.