Like Gazelle, I too inherited a pet by way of a relationship. His name is Deezer, he’s a teacup Yorkie, and over the years we’ve slowly warmed our way into a best friendship. This bond of man and beast has made me create a New Year’s resolution to celebrate our fellowship more often.

What better way to commemorate this comradery than dressing up my pup? If you don’t know already, January 14t is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. I’m going full throttle; I’ve loaded up my brother’s Amazon account with suits, sweaters, and a new collar. Honestly, there’s a chance I could blow the budget on this one, but it’s all for Boog-a-boog (my pet has a pet name.)

Maybe you want to join Fun 107 and celebrate the day, too. Go all out and treat whatever pet you have. Dress your pet up any way you think they want. Take them to the groomer and get them Instagram-ready. Feel free to proceed to glam up your companion’s appearance. If you've been thinking about that gold collar on Etsy, make it happen. If they’re into costumes let them live the life you assume they want to live.

You could keep it simple and classy with a bow. Let your imagination run wild, if they don’t like it, they’ll let you know. Once they’ve been primmed, trimmed, and pampered join us on Fun 107’s Facebook page. Use the hashtag #CelebrateEveryDay and #DressUpYourPetDay and post away in the comments under this story. Maybe even post before and after photos if they weren’t really into what you thought they wanted. Or, you can submit them to us directly via the Fun 107 app.

I don’t mean to "mom" you, but remember, if your pet isn’t into it, let them skip the fun. Make sure you picked the right size outfit and look out for extra pieces or dangling items. Enjoy the day and we’ll see you and your pet on Facebook.

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