The Better Business Bureau has received hundreds of complaints against the popular leggings company.


We all know someone who has a pair of LuLaRoe leggings, but you may not know that the company selling them has come under fire recently.

CBS News reports that LuLaRoe is currently being sued in federal court accused of collecting sales tax from customers in states where there is no sales tax on Massachusetts.

The lawsuit was filed on February 17, but LuLaRoe responded to it right away, telling CBS MoneyWatch that the erroneous charges were due to a “technology system failure” from a former vendor.

But that isn't the only heat LuLaRoe is taking these days.

The Better Business Bureau has received over 200 complaints about the leggings quality as well as the company's practices.

One reviewers writes,

The worst nightmare of my life. I would NEVER recommend LuLaRoe. The customer support is awful. You will have to spend hours on hold, you rarely get a call back. I tried mailing more than $5500 worth of new inventory back and still have not received a dime.

While another consumer says

Almost half of the leggings I own (12 pair) have tiny holes in them. This is defective fabric they are using and the quality is very poor. Although my consultant is willing to exchange for a new (different pattern), l am sick of having to spend my time going back to exchange. They will not refund, exchange only.

Many do not see any problems however saying,

I love this company! I have always had my complaints resolved


I love LuLaRoe, I love how soft there leggings are & i love my local consultants.

Regardless of how you feel about the leggings themselves, Massachusetts buyers should be checking their invoices to make sure they are not being charged sales tax from buyers.

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