It'll be the last full moon of winter and a supermoon on top of that.

The worm supermoon is upon us and though it doesn't have the best name of all the supermoons, it will make for a great excuse to get outside after dark.

Sure, daylight savings time has come and gone, leaving us with longer days. But there is still a reason to look forward to sunset tonight with the arrival of the worm supermoon.

And it looks like Mother Nature is keeping things fairly clear in the skies tonight so we can see it.

The worm supermoon will actually seem to be around from now through early Wednesday morning, though technically it'll officially be the full moon tonight.

Still, if you miss it, you don't really miss it because tomorrow night you get a do-over.

But tonight is when temperatures will still be in the upper 40s after dark, so if you ask me, tonight is your night.

Here's why to head outside: the supermoon means the moon is in its closest position to Earth during the full moon, making it appear bigger and brighter than other full moons.

And because this is the time of year, the ground starts to thaw and worms begin to appear, drawing more birds back north, it was dubbed the worm moon by Native Americans.

We are still about a week and a half away from the actual start of spring, but with the weather we got today and the full moon appearing tonight it seems like the season has already begun.

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