There are three types of people in the world.  Those who love King Richard's Faire, those who don't, and then there are those that work to create the magic of the Carver fair for the rest of us.  Justin Grankewicz was one of the people who put in the work, but by all accounts, it was a labor of love.

Justin started to discover his love for comedy and acting as he made his way through middle and high school.  At Marshfield High School he put on a wildly popular skit show called "Before the Bells."  He was not only known as the class clown in high school, he had a natural gift for creating music and was part of multiple bands, sang in choirs, and loved to show off his talents while performing karaoke.

Grankewicz brought his talents to King Richards Faire.  His obituary mentions that the 32-year-old was the youngest person to ever play the king there.  The King Richard Faire Facebook page described Justin as "a beloved Faire cast member.  His hearty nature, incredible voice and playful energy will truly be missed."

Ses Carney performs in The Torture Show at King Richards Faire.  He also paints the signs for the fair.  He spends most of the month of August working in the woods in Carver.  "I got to see him all the time when the scenario cast was rehearsing.  Then, during the Faire days we got to speak in the morning and evening.  I always looked forward to seeing him throughout the day.  Justin gave the best hugs and had an infectious laugh.  It seemed that he was always 'on' both during the faire and off the clock.  Justin was the true definition of a funny and great person.  He was the real deal.  We'll all miss him terribly."

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