Kendall Jenner is newly 18 years old and she's growing up for sure.

Kendall Jenner released a sneak peek photo to the world of her photo shoot with photographer Russell James which as you can see from the picture above shows a little more to us all then just her flawless face.

In other reports,Kendall was also sighted having dinner with Harry Styles on November 20th as they left the restaurant in the same car. Simmer it down 1D fans the dinner seemed to be just friendly and not at all romantic even though Kendall has come out to the media about being single after she was rumored to be dating a rapper.

So is Kendall growing up too fast, some would say yes but I say NO. Kendall rocks and is acting like a normal 18year old girl. She's taking photos that other everyday models do on a regular basis. Bruce Jenner says he's proud of his little girls picture and really at the end of the day as long as our parents are proud of us isn't that what matters most. Kendall could be doing a number of more extreme things other than wearing a sheer top showing her nipples for an artsy photo, so to the critics just let the girl live!







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