I'm debuting my new on-air feature today, Jackson's "Wicked or Whack?" and we're starting off with the new track from Katy Perry.

She has been through a lot in the past year, staying busy with her judging duties over at American Idol. She just confirmed she will be back for another season.

She is dating the handsome Orlando Bloom.

Oh, and she has this music career going on too.

Katy just released a song that she proudly has co-written with Charlie Puth. As a matter of fact, not only does Charlie share co-writing credit, but Katy says he can actually be heard on the song as he beat-boxes over the beat. I don't hear it, but I'll take her word for it.

The song is about relationships and how you can go from friends to lovers, and then to strangers. The song is just under three minutes and gets pretty catchy.

If anyone deserves a No. 1 hit again, it's Katy. Here is the song:

It's a fun Katy bop for sure. It's great timing for her, too. In case you missed it, her and longtime rival Taylor Swift have made amends.

She has had a bunch of failed public relationships with celebs but everyone is cheering for her and Mr. Bloom to work out and, well, tie the knot.

Katy also plans on staying with American Idol for as long as her schedule allows and as long as they want her. She confesses she loves mentoring the future stars on the show.

I'm going to wait to tell you what I think of the song. Vote now and help Fun107 decide if we should add it to our playlist:

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