Katy Perry will release her third fragrance, Killer Queen, this year. As the pop diva gears up to promote the scent -- and for her new album 'Prism' -- she has adopted a royal, Marie Antoinette-like persona in the ads and imaging, with a dominatrix twist. However, it smacks of Beyonce's O2 spots from earlier this year.

In the video teaser, Perry is cloaked in a tight red dress, with a French monarchy-like, powedered white wig.

However, notice in the image above that her hair falls in a perfect curtain of glossy waves and her crown is half-cocked, while she is perched on a fallen throne. The notion that she's a bad girl and a rebel queen is apparent. Maybe she ascended to a position of royal power through a coup.

She's also wearing a pair of strappy boots that mean bidness.

But the video teaser? That's clearly and obviously a play on the idea of the Queen -- Marie Antoinette.

And it's way too eerily similar to Beyonce's campaign for her U.K. gigs.

While we love seeing a regal Perry, she does appear to be cribbing heavily from Beyonce and you don't borrow from Beyonce, even with her permission.

Watch the Katy Perry 'Killer Queen' Teaser