Johnny Depp's latest movie premiere probably didn't go the way he was planning and now he may soon be on the witness stand in a very strange murder case. 

Seems Depp was served with legal documents at the Hollywood premiere of his new film Transcendence and according to, here's why...

Back in 2009 a woman named Nancy Lekon was driving a limo in downtown LA's Skid Row area when she allegedly ran over a pedestrian and dragged her for a mile, killing this poor woman.

Lekon was of course arrested and charged with murder, but at her trial later this month she is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

Here's where Johnny Depp comes in.

Apparently Lekon told police that she was only in that area of town because she was in a relationship with Depp and was supposed to be rendezvousing with him.

So her public defender has decided to call Johnny to the stand in order to show the jury that Lekon is indeed insane and therefore not guilty.

I'm sure TMZ will keep us posted on how this works out.