Former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo's dog is missing and may actually have been stolen. Have you seen this dog?

Jerod Mayo took to social media this weekend to ask Patriots Nation for help finding his Englosh Bulldog named Knox.

Seems Knox has disappeared under very suspicious circumstances and police think he may have been stolen.

Swipe Call 7743009868 with leads and tips This will be anonymous and rewarded

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As the Wrentham Police posted on Facebook, the bulldog's disappearance is very strange.

The dog was apparently being walked by his trainer out of Cranston, RI on Thursday June 28th along with another dog. As the trainer was attending to that other dog Knox reportedly vanished.

Police were called that night to the scene and responded to help search for the dog, but sign was found.

The post adds that this is strange in and of itself since English Bulldogs "aren't the running type, short legs, bad cardio." But Knox was never found.

Even stranger...Knox's collar was found...very close to where he went missing and completely intact. No signs that it was forced off, that Knox was inured in any way while it was taken off or that any kind of struggle took place. Just the electronic collar on a trail.

Police say this could be a sign that Knox was stolen and instead of gone missing, but with no witnesses they and Jerod Mayo's family could use your help.

Police are spreading the word from Wrentham to Cranston and ask if you've seen this dog or have any information on what could have happened to him to call the Wrentham Police at 508-384-2121.

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