It's been two weeks since we've seen Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer dominate a game, but he returns tonight. And I know I'll be watching.

You know your a popular contestant when Jeopardy creates two different promos about your return to the show.

And that's just what they did for Holzhauer during the last two weeks' Teachers Tournament.

I mean congrats to all the teacher who competed and Francois Barcomb of New Paltz, NY who won, but what we all really want to see is more of James crushing it.

I don't know if you felt that same way, but watching the timid playing of the teachers the last couple of weeks was a little dull. I missed seeing James go right to the big money and risk it all on the Daily Doubles.

Well happy to say that exciting style of play returns tonight.

And I think many of the show's former big winners are looking forward to it as well.

I think Austin said it best when he says James

plays a game in the way all of us other champions have theorized about playing, but never did it cause we're all cowards and apparently he is not.

You can see this brave better take on a couple more blips in the Jeopardy game (sorry other players) tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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