James Franco and Seth Rogan have pushed the envelop with a parody of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian's interaction in the "Bound 2 U" music video needless to say I have no idea how James Franco kept such a straight face with all of Seth Rogan's sexy back hair.

You will want to brace yourself before watching the parody of "Bound 3" with Seth Rogan and James Franco, they truly do reenact the love for one another that Kayne and Kim showed in the  "Bound 2 U" music video. If Seth Rogan's back hair doesn't have you laughing then James Franco mimicking Kanye West's "thug like rap style" for sure will but who would have thought Seth and James would go as far as to creating a kissing scene. This leaves fans of the duo extremely excited for the release of their upcoming movie "The Interview", the parody is a must see 4 minutes and 18 seconds of hilarious moments so do enjoy it for being just that. I wonder what Kayne West will have to say about this.


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